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 Zyxel NSA320, D-Link ShareCenter DNS-320 or Netgear RND2000 The Zyxel NSA320 seems to have the best reviews, so I'd go....141164
 Which 2 Bay NAS for home use?? Hey There Cliffeybiro Personally both Qnap and Synology make good NAS Systems. However....148896
 QNAP TS-1079 Pro and TS-879 Pro NAS Devices Unveiled Oh goodness this is sweet, the things i would do for a....172603

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Network Attached Storage Comparison Chart
Product IdManufacturerModelStarting PriceDrive InterfaceNetwork InterfaceNum Drives SupportedPrint ServerWireless Built InRaid 0Raid 1Raid 5Drives Hot SwappablePower Consumption
21ADS TechNAS-806-EF50PATA10/1001NNNNNN 
6BuffaloLinkStation Live190SATAGigabit Ethernet1YN   N21W
7BuffaloLinkstation Pro190SATAGigabit Ethernet1NN   N 
8BuffaloTerastation600PATAGigabit Ethernet4YNNYYN 
9BuffaloTeraStation Home Server650PATAGigabit Ethernet4YNNYYN 
10BuffaloTeraStation Live SATAGigabit Ethernet4YNYYYN 
11BuffaloTeraStation Pro770SATAGigabit Ethernet4NNNYYN 
12BuffaloTeraStation Pro II770SATAGigabit Ethernet4NNYYYN 
39CoolMaxCN-550 PATA10/1001NNNNN  
40CoolMaxCN-570 BOTH10/1001YNNNN  
1D-LinkDNS-323200SATAGigabit Ethernet2YNNYNN 
2D-LinkDSM-G600 Rev A100PATAGigabit Ethernet3N802.11GNNNN 
3D-LinkDSM-G600 Rev B1100PATAGigabit Ethernet3N802.11GNNNN 
28FantomNetwork Disk180SATA10/1001NNNNNN 
22Hammermyshare250 Gigabit Ethernet3YNYYN  
20IntelSS4000ENA525SATADual Gigabit Ethernet4 NYYY  
26IomegaStoreCenter Network Hard Drive190PATA10/100 YNNNN  
25IomegaStoreCenter Network Hard Drive325SATAGigabit Ethernet YNYYN  
27IomegaStoreCenter Network Hard Drive700PATAGigabit Ethernet Y802.11GNNY  
18LinksysEFG120400PATAGigabit Ethernet2Y NNNN 
14LinksysNSS4000750SATADual Gigabit Ethernet4N YYYY53W
15LinksysNSS41001600SATADual Gigabit Ethernet4N YYYY 
16LinksysNSS60001100SATADual Gigabit Ethernet4N YYYY 
17LinksysNSS61002000SATADual Gigabit Ethernet4N YYYY 
24SeagateMirra Personal Server300 10/1001NNNNNN 
36SynologyCube Station CS407 SATAGigabit Ethernet6YNYYYN51W
32SynologyCube Station CS407e SATAGigabit Ethernet6YNYYYN51W
30SynologyDisk Station DS-106j PATAGigabit Ethernet4YNNNNN15W
31SynologyDisk Station DS-107e250SATAGigabit Ethernet4YNNNNN25W
33SynologyDisk Station DS107200SATAGigabit Ethernet4YNNNNN25W
34SynologyDisk Station DS107+ SATAGigabit Ethernet4YNNNNN19W
35SynologyDisk Station DS207 SATAGigabit Ethernet5YNNNNN19W
37SynologyRack Station RS407 SATAGigabit Ethernet6YNYYYY55W
29SynologyUSB Station60USB10/1002YNNNN  
23ThecusNB2100BM300SATADual Gigabit Ethernet5NNYY   
41TrittonSimple NAS75PATA10/1001NNNNN  
42TrittonSimple NAS PATA10/1001NNNNN  


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